The public education campaign – Community for a Clean Watershed – was undertaken to increase awareness and understanding of the many issues confronting a clean, healthy watershed in Ventura County. And it is working.

Simply defining what a watershed is was the initial task. Once people understand the watershed and its impact on their lives, their ability to care for it increases. Each year the outreach campaign focuses on one or two primary pollutants and ways everyone can contribute to eliminating those pollutants.

Ventura County’s Community for a Clean Watershed program asks residents to think about both the seen and unseen pollutants and help us keep the watershed clean.

Many materials are available in both Spanish and English.


“Fido meets Sid the Storm Drain”

“More Better”

“Pick It Up”

“Shouldn’t Have”

“Boat ride”

“Past, Present, Future”


“Day in the Life”

“Don’t Share the Beach”

“Don’t Share the Beach – Spanish”

“Fido and Sid in the Rain”