Watersheds – A fun and informative 5 minute animated video covers the basic on what a watershed is. It also discusses how scientists use precipitation data to predict how much water will flow into streams and rivers in your watershed.

Stormwater Smart – Stormwater Pollution – A 3 minute animated video focused on stormwater runoff pollution prevention.

Stormwater Smart – Stormwater Pollution (Spanish) – A 3 minute animated video focused on stormwater runoff pollution prevention.

What Is A Watershed? – Short animated video describes what a watershed is.

Crumpled Paper Watershed – Instructions on how to make a watershed model using a crumpled piece of paper.

Catalyst ABC TV – Plastic Oceans  – This 12-minute video is the first world study of the plastic polluting our coastlines. Oceans are silently choking on our plastic waste. Plastic and synthetic materials are the most common types of debris in our oceans and are having horrific impacts on marine wildlife and systems.

The Ocean Conservancy  – This organization believes it’s time to look beneath the surface to see where the health of our planet really begins. This is a great site to discover how all living things are connected to the ocean.

Back2Tap – A resource offering eco-friendly, high quality, custom stainless steel bottles and other litter-less lunch and back-to-school accessories.

Stop Waste at Schools – StopWaste.Org provides a variety of services and resources to students, teachers, schools and districts in Alameda County to advance waste reduction education.

Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) – This new curriculum introduced in early September 2009 positions California to lead the nation in environmental literacy. For watershed specific coursework, please scroll to the 5th grade section.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Teaching resources geared at helping you share important water conservation, stewardship and protection facts and figures with your students.

The Groundwater Foundation – This is great site for educators and students alike with informative games, articles and projects designed to teach young people about protecting our groundwater.

Drought for Kids – A timely drought resource, this site provides a good resource tool for both students working on research projects and teachers needing to explain the impacts of a drought on a region.

Watershed Wonders – is an educational video series exploring issues in marine conservation, watershed management, and the plague of plastic debris. Episode 1 DVD and printed curriculum is available for free for California schools ONLY.

The California Coastal Commission’s Science Activity Guide – Waves, Wetlands, and Watersheds is a classroom activity guide for teachers aligned with the California State Science Content Standards for grades 3 through 8, and includes “Community Action” lessons adaptable for all ages up to and beyond 12th grade.

Adopt-A-Beach School Assembly Program  – This comprehensive environmental education program is designed to motivate teachers and K- 12 children to care about our beaches and oceans. It demonstrates how beaches and oceans get dirty and provides “hands-on” opportunities to make a difference by recycling and reducing litter.

MERITO  – MERITO is the multicultural education program for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) and it stands for Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans. The goal of the MERITO program at CINMS is to provide programs and products to our multicultural population to build sanctuary stewardship, help increase understanding of ocean related threats, and motivate culturally diverse students to pursue careers in marine sciences and/or resource protection so that our entire community can actively contribute to ocean preservation.

Once Upon a Watershed –  Is a project of Oak Grove School in partnership with the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy and the Ojai Unified School Districts with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s “B-WET” grant program. The project provides hands-on watershed education, restoration, and discovery to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students in the Ventura River Watershed. This program is offered for free to public elementary schools in Ojai and Ventura.