Find Your Watershed

Ventura County Watersheds

Everyone lives in a watershed. Use this graphic of Ventura County Watersheds to find yours.

Watersheds are not defined by city boundaries, but by the natural boundaries of a surface runoff area. A watershed encompasses all the lands that drain to a common waterbody such as a lake, river, estuary, lagoon, or ocean when rain falls or snow melts. As runoff flows downhill, the runoff picks up pollutants like trash, chemicals, pesticides, oils, pet or animal waste, and dirt/sediment that can harm rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters. Explore and learn about your watershed! Click here to learn 10 easy practices to protect your Ventura watershed.

How’s My Waterway?

How's My WaterWay Image

The EPA created How’s My Waterway to provide the public with information about the condition of their local waters by zip code. Follow this link and enter your address or zip code to launch the application. Water quality
information is displayed on 3 scales in How’s My Waterway.

This Fact Sheet pdf provides more information about how to use How’s My Waterway.

How is My Water Quality?

My Water Quality Image

Want to learn more about the health of your watershed? The State of California works with partner agencies to provide the public with information on the quality of water specific to community waterways. You will find helpful information on the quality of drinking, swimming, and fishing waters in your community, as well the overall health of your watershed. Follow this link to the site. Learn and explore!

For more Ventura County specific water quality information and data, check our How’s our river’s health? Ventura County uses a simple grading system to understand, take a look here.