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Whether you're looking for a resourceful water pollution game or educational water activities, our online portal provides a clean, engaging way to understand the importance of a clean watershed. 

"What in the Watershed?" Bingo Cards


Can you name every watershed

Can you name every watershed in Ventura County?

See if you can name all five of Ventura County's major watersheds within the given time! If you need a hint, check out some of the other pages on CleanWatershed.org!
Watershed detective

Watershed Detective

Investigate water samples to find the causes and solutions for challenges in a watershed. Courtesy of Nutrien's "Caring for our Watersheds" program.
Rock your Watershed!

Rock Your Watershed!

Your watershed is divided into 10 land parcels. Select your land use for each – try to balance both environmental and economic impacts! Your final score is based on balancing profit, nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) and sediment (soil) in the water, and also biodiversity. Rock Your Watershed! is based on scientific data correlating soil erosion, nutrient transport, precipitation, land management practices, and biological diversity. Courtesy of Iowa State University.

Watershed Links

Time for Kids – Stay current with this ‘kids only’ online version of Time magazine for kids and take advantage of the terrific Homework Helper tools!

Kids Corner – Activities, games, puzzles, coloring sheets and informative links to help learn more about groundwater, how it works and how to help protect it.

The Water Cycle is a short interactive video explaining the water cycle from rain to groundwater and back to the clouds.

Catchment (Watershed) Detox – Interactive game designed for older students to see how activities impact the watershed (catchment.)

Video Library

Pick It Up

“Pick It Up”

Shouldn't Have

“Shouldn’t Have”

“Freddy the Fish Teaches About Stormwater”

Day in the Life

“Day in the Life”

Fun in the Sun

“Fun in the Sun”

Watershed Youth Anime

“Watershed Youth Anime”

More Better

“More Better”

“Bag That Business”