Preventable pollutants are both seen and unseen materials that accumulate in our yards, driveways, gutters and streets and damage our watersheds. Even simple changes in the way we care for our homes and yards can make a big difference in keeping our watersheds clean.

Ventura County’s beauty is something to preserve. Help keep our watershed’s clean and beautiful for generations to come!

How YOU can help:

Litter & Trash

Litter is preventable. Keep litter off our streets and parks and out of our rivers, creeks, and ocean. Do your part by putting trash and recyclables in the proper bin.

Yard Chemicals

Protect our water. Yard chemicals can end up in our rivers, creeks, and ocean through wind, sprinkler runoff or rain. Use eco-friendly products and follow label directions.

Looking for Water-Wise Ventura County Gardening Tips?
Visit Water-Wise Gardening in Ventura County for information specific to our county.

Pet Waste

Pick up after your pup. Pet poop has harmful bacteria that can end up in our rivers, creeks, and ocean through sprinkler runoff or rain, making them unsafe to swim in.

These daily behaviors can have a big impact. Remember, watersheds are yours to enjoy, yours to protect!