The beauty of all that surrounds us in Ventura County: from the hills, orchards, fields, creeks and to our neighborhoods and where we work, every bit of it is in our Watersheds. We invite you to join the cities’ and county’s efforts to protect Ventura County’s Watersheds by being more aware of what is added to the land and the harm it can do as it is taken, through storm drains to the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, Malibu and Calleguas Creeks, the bays and estuaries – and eventually into the Pacific Ocean.


We love our partners! Humane Society of Ventura County is doing their part to #KeepVenturaCountyBeautiful while finding new homes for animals. 🐕 By always picking up pet waste, they’re preventing pollutants from entering our waters! 💧 Learn how you can make a difference too at www.cleanwatershed.org/ ... See MoreSee Less
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