More Rain Coming, Catch it with Rain Barrels!
By Lara Meeker, 2-2-16
So far, Southern California has not seen the back-to-back deluges highly anticipated with this year’s strong El Niño. Last Sunday’s storm dumped snow on the Sierras, and thrashed Southern California with high winds, but Ventura’s lower lying communities got less than a half inch of rain in the brief shower ... more

Learn from the Litter
By Lara Meeker and David Goldstein, 11-29-15
First organized in 1985 by the California Coastal Commission, Coastal Cleanup Day has grown to be an international event. The web site of the Ocean Conservancy, the main international organizer, calls the event “the world’s largest volunteer effort for the ocean,” while Guinness Book of World Records calls it the “largest garbage collection” ever organized ... more

Coastal Cleanup 2015
By Gabriel Young, 9-13-15
When it comes to cleaning up the environment, politicians pass laws that hold businesses responsible for the damage they cause, but we all have a responsibility too ... more

Capturing That Free Stuff Falling From the Sky
By David Laak, 8-16-15
Around Ventura County, we’ve almost forgotten what it looks or even feels like, but the wet stuff that falls from the clouds (most recently in very limited amounts) is called rain. As we’ve all learned, this free water is extremely valuable during these dry times and it’s up to each of us to maximize its use to benefit our yards, natural habitats and watersheds ... more

Earth Day Celebrates a Milestone
By Arne Anselm, 3-29-15
Earth Day is celebrating its 45th anniversary on April 22. What started in 1970 in the U.S.and was observed by 20 million people, has grown to a movement involving 192 countries and 200 million people worldwide. Earth Day emerged as a response to out-of-control pollution of our air, water and land... more

Drain Handles The Rains, But Public Cooperation Is Needed To Save Habitat
By Angela Bonfiglio Allen, 2-22-15
When people litter, what harm is done? When people allow their contaminated runoff to flow into a drain, what cost is imposed on the public? ... more

Conserving Water Helps Environment in Numerous Ways
By Arne Anselm, 1-25-14
Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared a drought state of emergency. California’s rivers and reservoirs are below their record lows ... more

Beach Bacteria
By Bram Sercu, 11-24-13
Surf’s up, or is it? Local surfers may face a dilemma if the next big swell makes its way to our local breaks on the heels of some rainfall ... more

Coastal Cleanup Day Results
By Kelly Hahs, 10-20-13
Volunteers picked up over five tons of litter from Ventura County beaches, parks, and waterways in just three hours ... more

Slow the Flow of Stormwater Runoff
By Arne Anselm, 7-27-13
In the slick rock canyons of Utah and Arizona, a brief thundershower can create a dangerous flash flood. The hard soil … more

Is the Water Safe to Swim?
By Bram Sercu, 7-29-12
Although beaches in Ventura County are among the cleanest in the state, based on the environmental organization Heal the Bay’s Annual Beach … more

Ventura County Keeps its Beach Water Clean
By Arne Anselm, 6-16- 12
Ventura County's beach water quality is outstanding. Bacteria testing to identify potential health risks has again revealed that Ventura County has … more 

Little Actions Can Make a Big Difference
By Arne Anselm, 3-01-12
The Ventura Countywide Stormwater Quality Management Program has been monitoring the quality of stormwater runoff in Ventura County… more

We Can Save More Than Water
By Arne Anselm, 2-26-12
This doesn’t feel like February. Usually, February is the wettest month in Ventura County, averaging over 3 inches of rain in both the east and west sides of the county … more 

Low Impact Development Can Help Local Water Needs
By Arne Anselm, 5/15/11
May 15 through 21 is National Public Works Week, a chance for the public sector to shed light on the seldom noticed infrastructure, efforts and policies … more 

More Important Than Earth Day
By Arne Anselm, 4/3/11
All month long, Ventura County will be celebrating Earth Day with a variety of events. Festivals with hands-on kid’s activities, live music, entertainers … more

Rain Faces a Hazardous Journey
By Arne Anselm, 2-06-11
A "raindrop's journey" sounds like the smallest slide in the kiddie section of the water park, but it is much more hazardous than that … more

Include Watershed Protection in Your Home Improvement Plans
By Arne Anselm, 1/23/11
You’ve approved the drawing, planned for storage, determined a budget, negotiated the contract and set a timeline for your upcoming home…more 

Gunk Down the Gutter Comes Back
By Arne Anselm, 11/18/10
Remember the not-too-distant past when we thought nothing of using the gutter to get rid of stuff? No time to bag leaves and grass clippings--we used the… more 

Keep Waterway Pollutants From Where the Flow Goes
By Kelly Hahs, 2/27/10
What do gardens, pets and automobiles have in common? They have distinct personalities and can inspire passionate responses, including dedication… more

Yard Waste Can be Harmful
By Kelly Hahs, 11/21/09
Yard waste is just what it sounds like: all the natural plant matter no longer wanted in your yard … more