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ask watershed annie 2Have a question about protecting our watersheds? Ask Watershed Annie!

Annie, our adorable mascot, loves everything watershed! She is always up for talking about ways to keep our watersheds beautiful and she is ready to answer any questions you might have about them.

Ask Away!

On Twitter, use the hashtag #AskWatershedAnnie
On Facebook, ask on Community for a Clean Watershed’s wall

Not sure what question to ask first? Here are a few questions she gets all the time:

What is stormwater, and why is it important? 
Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow that does not soak into the ground. It flows from rooftops, over paved areas and bare soil, and through sloped lawns. As it flows, this stormwater runoff collects litter, cigarette butts and anything in its path including pollutants. tweet button

What is the difference between storm drains and sewers? 
The sewer system collects water from inside homes and businesses and carries it to a treatment plant where it is cleaned before being released into the ocean. The storm drains system collects water and litter from outside our homes and businesses and carries it, untreated directly to the ocean. tweet button

What can I do to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff? 
There are a variety of ways you can reduce pollution in stormwater runoff including, implementing a few good "housekeeping" practice, maintaining your automobile cleaning up after your pets and taking unwanted hazardous wastes to a proper disposal facility. tweet button

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The beauty of all that surrounds us in Ventura County: from the hills, orchards, fields, creeks and to our neighborhoods and where we work, every bit of it is in our Watersheds. We invite you to join the cities' and county's efforts to protect Ventura County’s Watersheds by being more aware of what is added to the land and the harm it can do as it is taken, through storm drains to the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, Malibu and Calleguas Creeks, the bays and estuaries – and eventually into the Pacific Ocean.

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