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Preventable pollutants are both seen and unseen materials that accumulate in our yards, driveways, gutters and streets and damage our watersheds. Even simple changes in the way we care for our homes can make a big difference in keeping our watersheds clean.

Click here for a complete list of downloadable Residential Brochures for more information on how you can protect the watershed.

  • Household Chemicals - Always read labels carefully before buying household cleaning and maintenance products. Know that ingredients range in classification of level of toxicity from CAUTION, which means least toxic, to WARNING and finally, to DANGER or POISON. A symbol of a skull and cross-bones also refers to high toxicity. Avoid buying products displaying the labels representing extremely toxic ingredients.
  • Natural Cleaners - Use safe, less toxic alternative cleaners such as baking soda, salt, borax, vinegar, water or elbow grease. Click here for Less Toxic Cleaning Product Information. The Washington Toxins Coalition is also a good resource to learning more about choosing safer cleaning, lawn care and pest control products, and to taking actions to make products safe.
  • Paint - Choose water-based paints instead of oil-based paints. Don't use any paint over 15 years old since it may contain lead.
  • Storage- To minimize waste and spills, use products carefully and store them in heavy duty, air-tight containers.
  • Disposal of Household Chemicals - Never pour toxic paints, preservatives, brush cleaners, solvents or anything else into gutters or down the storm drains, sinks or toilets. Take all unwanted Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) to hazardous waste collection events or facilities.

To find out more tips for safeguarding the watershed around your home, click below to download our Residential Watershed Protection Tips brochure.

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The beauty of all that surrounds us in Ventura County: from the hills, orchards, fields, creeks and to our neighborhoods and where we work, every bit of it is in our Watersheds. We invite you to join the cities' and county's efforts to protect Ventura County’s Watersheds by being more aware of what is added to the land and the harm it can do as it is taken, through storm drains to the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, Malibu and Calleguas Creeks, the bays and estuaries – and eventually into the Pacific Ocean.

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